At EcoPåsar we see it as our mission to offer sustainable products to make the world better. Sustainability’s words – reduce, reuse, recycle * – guide us toward our ultimate goal, an emissions-free economy. Until we reach EcoPåsar’s disposable items designed to turn games into new usable land through composting; to provide consumers and food producers with a renewable alternative. Choosing EcoPåsar’s products is a way to directly help our suffering environment. EcoPåsar’s compostable products are alternatives to everyday plastic and disposable articles of styrofoam. Up to three times less energy is required to manufacture them and they do not cause any contamination during their life cycle compared with petroleum-based products.

The meaning of ”compostable”

All living creatures consume resources and generate waste. In a well-balanced ecosystem, waste from one creature is a resource to another. Within the Earth’s cycle, waste is bio-based and compostable a healthy renewable nutrient for the new life. Petroleum-based waste, on the other hand, is not healthy for the new life.


Capable of decomposition through biological agents; usually composed of organic matter which can easily be broken down by a variety of microorganisms; technically composed of almost any material with enough time, some microorganisms can break down almost anything; for example, aluminum cans can be broken into the ocean in about 170 years, and hard plastic bottles are broken into the ocean in about 400 years.


Derived from plants, derived from live raw materials, stems from renewable biological resources.